File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
animata.h [code]
animataUI.h [code]
Bone.h [code]
Camera.h [code]
Drawable.h [code]
Face.h [code]
ImageBox.h [code]
IO.h [code]
Joint.h [code]
Layer.h [code]
Matrix.h [code]
Mesh.h [code]
OSCManager.h [code]
Playback.h [code]
Preferences.h [code]
Primitives.h [code]
QuadEdge.h [code]
Selection.h [code]
Skeleton.h [code]
Subdiv.h [code]
Texture.h [code]
TextureManager.h [code]
Transform.h [code]
Vector2D.h [code]
Vector3D.h [code]
Vertex.h [code]

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