Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AnimataSettingsVarious settings coming from the GUI
AnimataWindowMain application window class
BoneBuilding element of Skeleton, the base of the physical simulation
CameraCamera class, manages projection and modelview matrices
DrawableThis class gets inherited by primitives which can be selected by Selection::doSelection()
FaceBuilding element of Mesh. Consists of three Vertex
IOClass to save and load animata scenes
JointEndpoints of Bone
LayerLayer holding Skeleton and Mesh data
MeshRepresents an image which can be manipulated by a Skeleton
OSCListenerHandles OSC messages
OSCSenderSends OSC messages
PlaybackPlayback window class
SelectionUses various alternative OpenGL rendermodes to implement basic picking, selection and feedback mechanisms
SelectItemDescribes a picked primitive under the mouse cursor with its type and name
SkeletonSkeleton attached to the mesh
SubdivisionTriangulates a set of points
TextureRepresent a texture that can be attached to a Mesh
TextureManagerHolds and manages textures
TransformTransforms points between screen and world coordinate-systems
VertexA point that builds up a Face

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